Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5: Easy to use, free password manager and form filler remembers your passwords.

Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5

form filling - and it`s free. All you need to remember is your Master Password and Sticky Password FREE remembers your passwords and logins for your websites. The password generator creates strong, secure passwords and stores them for you. You don`t have to worry about forgetting your passwords anymore. Each license includes the portable version and installs easily on your USB device or flash memory stick, so you`ll always have your passwords and

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Roboform 6.9.88: RoboForm remembers and securely stores your online and offline passwords

Roboform 6.9.88

Form: Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically. Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click. Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security. Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess. Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites. Defeats Keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords. Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers. Synchronizes passwords between computers

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CyberScrub KeyChain 1.5: Password Manager/ Form Filler 1-Click access to your favorite protected websites

CyberScrub KeyChain 1.5

formation and logs you in. It even prompts you to add these passwords to the program if you have not already done so. Never manually fill in credit card details again. Online shopping is a snap because KeyChain automatically enters your selected credit card details, Shipping and Billing address and more. All of your data is secured with strong encryption. Only you have access to the sensitive data within KeyChain. All information, including passwords

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Internet Explorer Password Unlocker 5.0.1: IE Password Recovery Tool Recover Internet Explorer stores usernames passwords

Internet Explorer Password Unlocker 5.0.1

IE Password Recovery Tool Recover Internet Explorer stores usernames and passwords for web sites which you have logged in to. Software recovers Internet Explorer stored passwords, saved web sites and forms passwords. Microsoft Internet Explorer Password recovery tool support all versions of Internet explorer and recovered all passwords instantly. Auto complete password recovery program which helps in recovering the passwords and logins.

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Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 4.2: Fill forms software. Autofill and submit web forms, autofill logins, password.

Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 4.2

Form Auto Fill helps you in any situation. Form Auto Fill saves your time by automatically filling web forms with your information. Just fill the necessary information once, and Form Auto Fill will enter and submit this data into web forms for you. Form Auto Fill helps you to save web forms of any complexity. Using Form Auto Fill you can easily autofill logins and passwords on web pages, in registration forms, etc. Form Auto Fill lets you login to

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PassCrypt 2.1a: Securely store passwords and credit card numbers for quick access while surfing.

PassCrypt 2.1a

passwords or just expired passwords. Not having to remember online passwords frees you to choose passwords that are more secure but harder to remember. PassCrypt`s built-in password generator can create secure or simple passwords, and includes options to satisfy whatever requirements a site may have. Import and export functions let you load data into other applications, or transfer it to another computer - for example, a work or home machine. Former

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Passwords Manager 4.0.19: Passwords Manager is a professional software that protects passwords

Passwords Manager 4.0.19

Passwords Manager is a professional software that will help you systematize secret information stored on your PC. You will forget about all your headaches which were caused by loss of passwords, access codes and other sensitive information. You`ll be able to store all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers and their access codes, and any other confidential information in one place. Passwords Manager encrypts your information using

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Form Auto Filler (Form Filler) 2.4: Form Auto Filler - form filler freeware. Free form filler for Internet Explorer

Form Auto Filler (Form Filler) 2.4

Form Auto Filler is free form filler software that lets you save web forms, fill forms of any complexity, automatically fill and submit forms, autofill logins and passwords, import data in CSV format. Form Auto Filler is automatic form filler freeware for a wide range of users who want to simplify logon and filling forms. Purchase online? Fill registration forms? Constantly submit forms or login different sites? Try free form filler software.

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Dekart Password Carrier 2.02: Portable and secure password manager - one-click login from USB drive

Dekart Password Carrier 2.02

passwords, online identities, banking and credit card information) becomes absolutely secure with Password Carrier. Password Carrier stores the information in an encrypted form on the removable disk. The applied encryption algorithm is AES 256-bit, certified by NIST. The passwords on the USB disk are protected with one master password, as well as with fingerprint authentication. This guarantees that if your USB flash disk is lost or stolen, nobody

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PassMonster 2.25: Passwords storing & management suite with 256-bit encryption for extra security

PassMonster 2.25

passwords. But if you are a human being you cannot remember them! If you can (or use one password for all resources) that means you are unsafe! So basically, one needs to write passwords down, which is in turn also very unsafe. Bad guy only needs to possess your passwords database once and he will know all of your passwords! You can try encrypting the text file (database) containing your passwords. But it takes fairly large amount of time to decrypt

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